Tretin Gel 0.05% 30g Tretinoin


Tretin tretinoin gel 0.05% 30g

TRETIN Composition: Active substance: isotretinoin Butylated hydroxytoluene Hyproiose Ethanol (96%) Pharmaceutical form: The gel is for external use only, The product is a gel moly gel of yellow-blue color with a characteristic odor- contained in 30g aluminum tubes.

  • Made in Europe.
  • Large 30 gram tube.
  • Our only European made tretinoin for less then a £1 per gram.
  • Bought over the its country of origin.
  • Ideal for people with oily skin.
  • Super quick drying, with amazing results.

Further reading

2. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE MEDICINE GIVEN TO YOU BY YOUR DOCTOR 21 General information The system administered suppresses the activity of the homogenous glands, stays in the seminal vesicle, leads to the creation of skin blobs and especially of the fog cells. 2.2 Indications: TRETIN gel xprosmonera for the treatment of ima as moderate powdery mildew, with skin rashes 2.3 Contraindications: The drugs can help the joints, but they can not create a problem that can not be treated accordingly. If you have had any of the following symptoms: Have you ever had an allergic reaction or an unusual reaction to this medicine or any of the other medicines found in this medicine? . If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer (skin enema) or have a narrow umbilical cord If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant If you are breast-feeding The medicine should not be used during pregnancy and lactation Pregnancy and use Pregnancy 24 -41. General: The contact of the Product with the elbows, the mouth, the maps and with the skin cracked or the skin with sunburn or skin with eczema should be monitored. It should not be applied to the corners of the nose and should be done gently or Apply to the scalp, lotions for before or after shaving) as they may cause further irritation. Exposure to Exposure to Elderly Radiation of the Areas nou nobold in heat with the drug. Exposure to High Protective Herbs and Protective Clothing Exposure to artificial sunlight should be avoided during treatment with TRETIN ge. Elderly: Elderly people do not experience powdery mildew or there are no specific recommendations for them. Women do not want to get pregnant.

2.4.6. Driving and using machines: Ppoion Beorite is safe and not expected to cause 25 Interactions with other medicines or substances: The side effects of some medicines may not be affected when they are given. It should not be applied to the skin, but topical preparations for the treatment of acne, such as zol or anti-inflammatory determinant. During treatment with TRETINgel, your doctor has recommended it. Care should be taken when using products that contain exfoliating agents. Examples: Venous Peroxide 25 Dosage: Apply a small amount of gel to the entire affected area 1: 2 times a day 15 minutes after washing. Wash well after washing. : It is possible to spend a lot of time in order to see therapeutic anorexia. More than 63 weeks You must therefore use the TREIN for the upper extremities - in the meantime you have been given other instructions. It can cause symptoms such as severe headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc. 27 Overdose-Treatment: To date, no acute overdose has been reported with Tolerance. Poison Center: 210-7793777, Athens. Pneumonia and pruritus Oron Captio is recommended for gastric emptying with vomiting and consultation immediately Side effects: With normal use TRETIN gel is well tolerated, but some patients report during or after the initial stage of treatment. Irritation of the skin Areas nou epoxyxes the neuron. If urticaria persists, discontinue treatment and consult your doctor. If you think your medicines have caused any side effects, please inform your doctor, pharmacist or other pharmacist or pharmacist. Formakon (Meogeion 284, 15562, Cholargos, wweof.a 2.8 2.9 What you should know in case you missed a dose: Continue the treatment normally according to the instructions of 2.10 Date of expiration of the product: It is indicated on the outside and on the outside. n this date EXET Popelhte, do not use it As long as the tube is opened the product can be used within 2 months Slow Tero When this time has elapsed, drop the medicine and Visit your doctor again for check-up and Special storage conditions for storage of the product: TRETIN gel must be distilled at room temperature below 25C. 212 Date of last revision of the guide sheet January 7, 2015

210 Date of expiration of the product: Indicated on the outer and outer packaging. INFORMATION ABOUT THE RATIONAL USE OF MEDICINES. The pharmacological system was prescribed by the doctor only for The unhealthy istric oao npoblem. Do not take this medicine If you have any problems with your medicine during treatment, tell your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Ghana is ineffective and safe the medicine nou you were given should be taken according to the instructions that. However, for your safety and health, it is important to read carefully all the information regarding the nou forma. Do not keep nou medicines you do not need them now or they have already expired. , Greater safety, you click all the medicine in safe places away from the naides. 210.5224830 a 210.5224898 Η ΕALΤHCARE htt: /

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